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Printed Cotton Bags: Reusable and Eco Friendly

By : James Johnson

Reusable Bags, now there's an idea that won't catch on, might have been the thinking a few years ago or so. Yet now the world is in economic and environmental meltdown, most major stores are now offering some sort of reusable shopping bag to their customers.

As the environmental issues have gained momentum and the problem of huge waste resulting from millions ( UK consumers in the year 2000 used more than 17 million plastic carrier bags ) of plastic bags that are not biodegradable and harmful to the planet, being given away with almost every purchase and then simply discarded, the need for change was inevitable.

What are the benefits of having a reusable bag?

A printed cotton bag is right away going to be stronger and sturdier than the multitudes of flimsy plastic bags that are currently given out or sold with your shopping.

In an ideal world every business would love their advertising emblazoned all over high street billboards but this proves very costly to all except really large companies. One of the beauties of printed cotton bags is the advertising opportunities with logos and branding able to be placed all over the bags.

If then businesses either give their new printed cotton reusable bags away with purchases or charge a small fee for them, the benefits are obvious. Lots of happy shoppers walking up and down the town centre with your logo emblazoned all over their bags, reaching places billboards can never reach.

These evidences alone should be enough to convince retailers and consumers, especially those that are conscious of the environment and the world around them that the switch to reusable bags can be an eco friendly and profitable one.

A bill calling for a levy on plastic bags was introduced by the Scottish Parliament in July 2005. The environmental committee said, In practice, the Bill would require all retailers to charge customers 10p for every plastic bag they were supplied with.

The Bill aims to protect the environment by reducing the number of plastic bags in circulation, raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage consumers to use alternatives."

Costing less per bag than planned proposals for in store plastic bags, it seems the reusable bag has a long term future.

Common sense tells us that this can surely be the only way forward with regards to this issue and there are numerous websites that specialise in printing and producing these cotton reusable bags, many of them offering a huge selection of styles, colours and designs.

About the Author:
James Johnson, answers some of the questions about reusable bags. Posted by website seo

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